Is blogging dead In the year 2020?

Is blogging still a thing or did it die like parachute pants?


It is 2020 when I am writing this post, and that means that the blogging world, the “making a living with blogging,” the “putting content out into the world regularly world” is over a decade old.

There are mommy blog and fashion blogs, fitness blogs, business blogs, just literally if you can think of something that people are interested in, you can start a blog about it. 

But while the resources are closer to our fingertips, while we have more knowledge about how to start a blog and what that looks like, and how to make money there, and all of the things. You have to wonder if blogging is dead, and or if blogging is dying.

This is a question I have been asked so many times.


People are always coming back to me and being like ” But is it blogging dead?” And my answer is always ” Yes and No”

So, the traditional way of blogging, the way where you shared what you eat for lunch, and that was relevant to the world, or where you just put out what you did over the weekend, or whatever, those kinds of personal, not really useful to anybody, except for people who really care about your blogs, Yes that is dead.


I’m not saying we don’t need that content, especially as personal brands or bloggers, we need to put out that type of content because people want to feel like they know us, and they went with us this weekend on our trip to Disney World or whatever. But it’s not “blog-worthy content” anymore. Because of the invention of social media.

Now, social media is more so build for those snippets, those real personal lifestyle pieces.

So on Instagram, you can share a picture and you can talk about what you did this weekend, and that’s totally relevant. But on your blog, it’s not as relevant.

So the traditional blogging world is dead.


And I’m here to tell you that if you will focus and you’ll do the right things, that there’s still a lot of money to be made by blogging, a lot of audience growth to be done by blogging, a lot of growth in general that can happen when you have a blog and you use it to attract the right people. 

It just looks different, and it’s not as much of a generic thing anymore.

So really what it comes down to, it’s the exact same thing I tell you about growing your Instagram page. And that is you have to provide value, you have to be a resource for a certain niche of people, a certain niche of content, that is when blogging is very much so alive. 


Because there are thousands and thousands of people every single month searching Google, and if they are finding your content because you wrote a blog post about something, then that is massively amazing and will allow you to grow business by blogging, and it wouldn’t be something where it just feels very self-indulgent if you will.

(If you haven’t started your blog, I would HIGHLY recommend starting a self-hosted one from the beginning as that will really help you in the long run. I have a full guide on how to start a blog in 2020, where I take you through every single step and show you that starting a self-hosted blog isn’t hard. (and takes you less than 10 minutes!) )


So you have to be a resource, you have to think of your blog as “this is the resource for these people for this type of content.

 For example, 

You’ve got to be a resource. 

If you can be a resource, if you can set yourself up in a way where your blog is a resource for people, Then it is going to grow. It’s going to thrive, it’s going to give you a platform to be able to make money, to make a living, and to build a career with. 

And it’s a really, really awesome way to do all those things too, I think it’s one that a lot of people kind of overlook, because of this notion that blogging is dead.


The traditional form of blogging is dead. The “ten years ago” form of blogging is dead. But the 2020 version of blogging is absolutely still alive. 

If you want to be successful, 

  • You will have to think of yourself as a resource 
  • You’ll have to pick a niche 
  • You’ll have to be consistent 

You’ll have to do all the things you need to do to make sure that your blog is being found in searches, is performing well in Pinterest, that you are being found by the right people. And then, you can absolutely have success with blogging.

All right, I’d love to hear your thought on whether you think blogging is dead, whether you’ve tried blogging before and it didn’t work, or if you’re a successful blogger, I’d love to hear all the stories. So head down in the comments and let me know where you are in this path?