Have you ever wondered how to make money blogging?

I’m gonna play sidekick for just a minute. You have either started a blog and now you’re like, “Okay, cool. How do I make money?” Or you have been searching around the internet and thinking, “I want to start a blog. I see these people on Instagram or showing up in my Facebook feed or on Pinterest who looks like the rocket in this blogging world. But I don’t know what the heck to do and I don’t know how to make that make money.” 

You’re one of those two people. And so I’m here to help you today figure out how to make money blogging because it is a magical untapped world, that you should be taking advantage of.


As I said, there’s only a couple people who are reading this post who really want to know more about making money blogging, you’ve either started and you’re like, “Okay, taking a lot of my time, but I’m not making any dollars,” or you are looking to get started and you’re just confused on how it actually makes money. Either way, you’re gonna get it answered here today. 

Making money as a blogger almost feels like you’re cheating. It really does. It kind of feels like you are cheating the system and it shouldn’t be that easy to make money. 

Now, I’m not saying blogging is 100% easy, It’s really not. There’s a lot of time involved. There’s a lot of research and you know, compiling posts and doing the things, but once you get a rhythm and a strategy down to it, it’s really easy for you to say “You know what, I’m going to work from my couch today and make a little bit of moolah.” 


So I’m going to talk to you about four different ways you can make money as a blogger in 2020. 

#1. Make Money Blogging With Affiliates

And probably the most used and the most known about is affiliates. 

So if you’re ever watching someone on Instagram and they’re like, “swipe up to grab this cool thing that I’m using,” they’re likely sending you over to an affiliate link where they will receive a little bit of commission because you clicked over and you purchased, okay. 

So affiliates are basically just that, it has companies who are paying you as a blogger as an influencer, as whatever you consider yourself to be, to share and promote their products to your followers to your readers. And in turn, they’re going to give you a small commission for each sale that you send over. 

This is probably the most common way for people to make money blogging. 

However, it’s probably the way that makes bloggers the least amount of money, especially when they’re just starting off. So if you have a very small audience, and you’re sending that very small audience to some links, and a very small percentage of that very small audience is clicking a link that pays you a very small commission, you get the point, it’s not going to be a lot at the end of the month. 

So while it can be a ton, especially as you grow in it definitely is something you should take advantage of as a blogger, it’s probably not the way you’re going to make your millions unless you grow really fast. 

#2. Sponsored Posts

The second way that bloggers make their money is through sponsored posts. And this is very similar to affiliates but on a higher level. 

So instead of a company saying, okay, here’s a link for your followers, go send them through this link. Anybody who purchases you gets this amount of their purchase, or this amount of money for their purchase, or whatever. These brands, like large brands, I’m talking like Walmart, Target, camera brands, whatever your niche is, and like whatever brands fit into that. But brands are then reaching out to bloggers and asking them to try their product, and then produce a post that tells people how awesome the product was and shows it in use, and in turn for doing that, they’re going to pay them a certain amount of money. 

So, sponsored posts are a little different because it doesn’t really matter how many people click through and purchase. 

Now, it does matter. “Because, you know, if you ever want to work with that brand again, they’re going to want to see the proof in the pudding on why it was a good investment.” But also, you don’t want to do things just to be doing them. 

Essentially, you don’t have to get a ton of traffic to a sponsored post to make money, because the people are paying you to do the sponsored post, regardless of what comes out of it. So a lot of bloggers take advantage of the sponsored post idea. And what I will say is, my biggest tip here is to not just make it like “this is a post about whatever” You need to try and incorporate it into useful content, that people will care about, and that your ideal audience and reader actually wants to know about.

#3. Displaying ads on your blog

The third way to make money blogging is by displaying ads on your blog. Now, when I first started blogging or got into the blogging world, 5 years ago, this was very much so Google’s area, you could put Google ads on your blog, and you can still do that today. And anytime someone clicks on those ads or does whatever Google is wanting them to do on that ad. You get a small commission, again, very small. 

Now, there are new companies out there who evaluate the size of your blog, how much traffic it gets, all the things. And then, if you meet all their criteria, they allow you to display their ads on your site, and you get money per click and per visit through those ads. 

One of the companies that do this is called Ezoic. I currently use their ads on this blog, and they are awesome. So if you are looking for that type of thing, Now, you do have to have a certain number of visitors per month or page views per month (10,000 page views for Ezoic) to get approved for their program, but they’re a really great company to use. And they just display ads throughout your blog. And throughout that ad display, people can click on those ads and then you make money. 

So displaying ads is a really great way to make money as a blogger as well. And that’s a really effortless way though. 

#4. Sell your own product

The fourth way to make money blogging is to sell your own product. 

Now, so many people think of this as an actual product, like I’m a fashion blogger, so I need to make shirts or I’m a home decor blogger. So I need to have a line of pillows. Or, you know, whatever, that is not necessarily the case. And actually, I would advise you to go especially for your first product against the grain and do something that’s a little easier to produce that has more of a profit margin, that you don’t have to spend as much time creating, etc, but also is helpful to your audience. 

So this can be things like courses, ebooks, paid ways to extend the experience of what you’re trying to teach them. 

If your blog is all about home decor, and you want to start creating your own product around this, you could easily have a course that teaches them which style of home decor they are, and how To use that now to then pick out pieces for their home, this could be a $27 course, this could be a $97 course, this could be a $150,000 course. 

But you can create a course to take people through a process and to help them learn something in an expedited way. 

I have seen people do this, maybe they have an organization blog, and they teach people how to better organize their homes, and they have courses around how to be better organized. 

Whichever kind of path you take on the type of product you create, creating your own product is:

  1. Very profitable 
  2. Something that can be scaled on a higher level because you keep more of the profit than if you were using something like affiliates or ads or whatever. 

I would also say that adding in kind of in this same arena of selling your own product, is selling a service. So examples here are A home decor blogger, and people love my style. And I can offer like, online home design. Or I’m a fashion blogger, and now I want to offer wardrobe design or whatever. So maybe you’re a mommy blogger and you want to do a service for people where you help them develop a sleep pattern for their children, whatever you can create a service, a digital product, a downloadable product, cookbooks lookbooks. 

It’s all very easily done, and also very, very profitable. And more so profitable than, you know, banking off of what everybody else’s product is paying you. 

So those are the four ways to make money blogging, and in addition to those four ways that you’re going to make money blogging, I need you to know something, if you are a blogger, and you are looking to make money and you are looking to make serious money blogging like you don’t just want to make, $20 here and there, you actually want to make decent money, then you have to treat your blog like a business and you have to think like a business owner, and not a blogger. 

So when you make that shift like, “this is a business for me, I’m thinking of this as a business, I am a business owner,” it’s going to be a lot easier for you to put yourself in the frame of “Okay, I need to make money from this blog, how do I make money from this blog?” And from that, you can then expand out further and further and further. 

So hopefully that was helpful. I would love to know if you learned something in the comments below. If you learned a different way to make money with blogging. If you just are really excited about the information you read in this post, I’d love for you to leave me a comment below. So we can check it out.